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Whether wheel hubs, joints, wheel flanges or ball studs - KmB Technology has highly precise and efficient machining processes. KmB relies here on optimally configured manufacturing systems to meet the high requirements.

The technology is individually tailored to all customer workpieces such as wheel hubs, joints, wheel flanges or ball studs. This ensures high productivity and availability. Also important: the specialists rely on continuous testing of all essential component criteria.


From the drive and gear shaft to the gear wheel: KmB Technology produces numerous gear components - quickly, efficiently and reliably. KmB's production planners rely here on automated and individualized production solutions that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the component.

The technology used guarantees consistent component quality - the focus is always on process reliability. This is particularly important for the high-precision and high-volume production of drive shafts, drive shafts, gear shafts and gear wheels.


The production of steering components such as steering pinions, input shafts and ball screw nuts is carried out efficiently and reliably at KmB Technology. Flexibility and quality The specialists rely on lean process chains for steering components such as steering pinions, input shafts and ball screw nuts, in which all sub-processes are intelligently combined and perfectly designed in every detail.

Also important: The machining systems can be changed flexibly - new component geometries or changed quantities pose no problem.

Mechanical engineering

In our modern machine park we produce vehicle parts as well as workpieces for general mechanical engineering. We manufacture the products exactly according to your wishes and with the highest precision, which is possible today worldwide.


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Saxony-Anhalt, Germany