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Metal Cutted. Non-metal cutted. Connected.

We are not only a producer, but also a developer. We design the optimum manufacturing process: the best possible interplay of machining techniques, automation technologies and measuring systems for your product.

Powerful into the future

Mobility is developing rapidly. Many chassis, transmission, steering and engine components are becoming more complex and their production processes more demanding. New models and technologies are thought, sketched and brought to market every hour. We are perfectly prepared to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. On time, flexible and reliable.

From the beginning

Your component determines the selection of materials, tools and machining technologies as well as the optimum production process. Our experts support you in the development of the complete machining process for blanks to finished parts or provide these as a service.

Optimum machining processes
and technologies

Before developing a complex production process, many questions have to be answered - for example, about optimum cutting and non-cutting processes, a safe and fast workpiece flow as well as precisely fitting clamping systems. Every machining process is put to the test. What is used is decided on the basis of the component. At the end there is a networked machine series that works like clockwork.


KmB Technologie GmbH
Industrieweg 9
39261 Zerbst / Anhalt
Saxony-Anhalt, Germany